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We are in the business for the last 5 years

We bring in more than 10 years of expertise in manual QA with 5 years in the business and fully satisfied customers.

In today’s fast-paced and ever evolving world, disruptive technologies can be achieved with appropriate software testing by the skilled testers.

About us
About us


Functional Testing

“Functional testing is a type of testing where we try to make sure that every individual function of the application (under test) work...

Mobile Testing

As we are moving towards the future, we are shifting to smart devices like mobiles and tabs. For every software on the desktop...

Ad-hoc/Sanity Testing

Ad –hoc testing, also known as Random or Monkey Testing, is done without any planned testcases at hand and the aim is to break the...

Regression Testing

Testing of the modified, new functionality or corrected code to check that the updated code is not breaking anything...

End to End/System Testing

It is a complete testing to validate that the ready application is working as per the users' expectations...

Beta / Acceptance Testing

It is a phase where testing is performed to validate that the developed software product is in compliance with the...

Localization Testing

Localization testing where the product is checked to assure that it’s behavior is compliant with the local culture and settings...

Technical Writing

With already so many expenses, what is the need to add one more to the list specially when my budget is on the lower side...

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Why to Choose us:

We work smartly with our clients and believe in developing a
long term relationships with them.


In-house expertise

We maintain an In-house expertise for various domains and technologies. Our experts are able to handle various web applications, mobile apps and hybrid apps. We deliver our customers with the most qualified IT solutions through QA and key testing services that limit threats.


Cost-effective , On-time Service

We do understand that your requirement is a within- budget and on-time solution.
Time and money are the main two pillars to get successful business.
Don't worry, you are at the right place.We provide a cost-effective, on-time quality solution for your business idea.


Reliability,Accuracy and Optimized ROI

If you think that a relaible business partner is hard to find, we would prove you wrong.
You focus on your idea and we would take care of the quality of the product.
Our main aim is to develop a long-term relationship with our clients and that's why we are honest & accurate in our services.


Better Communication

At Seer Technologies, we believe in communication as it is the key .We would keep you updated on every milestone.
We would provide you quality reports and defect logs on every milestone so that you would be aware of the quality of your product on every phase.


Knowledge of the latest tools and technologies

We have a great knowledge of Test management tools like Bugzilla, Jira, Trello, Visual Studio Test manager.
We also test the mobile app using emulators(Appium). For cross-browser testing we run our testcases on all popular browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Edge. We have also covered your mobile app testing on iOS ,Android and Windows.


Global Exposure

Our talent extends globally including USA. We are capable of handling on-site projects as well. We understand the cultural and professional expectations of our global client.

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