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The increasing demand for mobile applications is noted with each passing day. Starting from banking transactions to the payment of school fees, mobile apps serve as the go-to option even for daily tasks such as purchasing groceries for home. Therefore, it is noted that mobile applications could ensure the success of a business in the contemporary business scenario.

However, many businesses have failed to leverage mobile apps to their advantage largely due to the lack of planning and efficiency in execution of their mobile app ventures. So, what reasons could lie behind such failures? A comprehensive reflection on the various implications of mobile app testing could provide a lot of insights into the resolution of the question presented before us!

Mobile app testing and sales: The relation?

Regardless of the nature and design of the app, i.e. native or hybrid app, they are representatives of a business and should be tailored for delivery of seamless user experience. Without this, the user of the app would most likely be dissatisfied with the app, and subsequently the business would face noticeable risks of losing customers.

Considering these factors, it is reasonable to focus on mobile app testing and mobile app quality assurance (QA) to ensure that the app is free of any functional defects and is verified for compatibility across various platforms, interfaces, and devices. So, what is involved in mobile app testing that can make your mobile business app perform better regarding sales as compared to an untested or low-quality app? The answer to this query can be identified particularly from the distinct aspects of mobile app testing.

Drivers of sales in mobile apps

Coming to the point of discussion, the four aspects which determine the success of an app, i.e., the number of users visiting and using the app can be found in functionality, performance, security, and compatibility.


The functionality of a mobile app for your business denotes the various features provided in the app that could help the user in accessing services that they could have otherwise done in real-time with the business’ physical location. The diversity and efficiency of features, as well as ease of accessibility, play a formidable role in establishing the app’s credibility for users. They could be assured of receiving solutions to all their needs from the single app thereby ensuring their repeated visits and use of the app.


The performance of a business app is explicitly dependent on its capability to deliver the required user experience and flexibility irrespective of the traffic or peak load on the app. The users should be able to access the various features of your business app seamlessly in any circumstance and would contribute substantially to a positive impression about the app in the minds of users.


The next big thing which is demanded by users of mobile apps is security. Security of personal information on mobile apps is increasingly becoming a notable concern for business owners as well as users owing to the multitude of cyber threats existing presently.

Therefore, a safe and secure app environment would most likely invite more users rather than an unsafe/low-quality app which can be easily compromised by malicious entities. The loss of user information through apps could be responsible for complicated circumstances for users such as loss of finances or health information data. So, inappropriate security in a mobile app could be responsible for losses for users as well as organizations.


The final factor which drives users to a mobile app is compatibility. A user should be able to access the mobile app without any worries about the device they have or its operating system. If a user could be able to access the app on their smartphone in the exact way they would on a personal computer, it would most likely contribute to a better perception of the app by users and visits to the app would increase.

It can be noted from these four factors that users are curious and demanding. If their requirements are fulfilled, they will flood the mobile app with traffic as per the requirements of your business. Therefore, close attention to these factors especially in the mobile app testing phase could help in drawing massive volumes of traffic to the app directly.

Playing it safe can count!

Even though your mobile app can be designed with an explicit focus on these factors to improve the number of users directly, many mistakes can crawl up in the mobile app testing phase. These flaws could be responsible for the negative impact on the number of users of your mobile app. So a detailed insight into these factors could help in anticipating the additional ways in which the number of users could be influenced directly.

  • The foremost mistake of mobile testing is observed in an excessive focus on the UI/UX aspects of the app without any emphasis on the basic functionality of the app.
  • Testers do not rely on basic working logic of the app during mobile app testing, and on the other hand, they conduct a few tests for the user interface as well as some of the features before presenting their final report for validation and release of the app. On the contrary, mobile app testing personnel should focus on user end requirements, possibilities of changes in the app after updates, business requirements and the core functionality of the app.
  • Most often, mobile app testing is confused by businesses as similar to web page testing. This is not acceptable because of the frequent requirements of updates in the mobile apps which are not observed in the case of web pages.
  • The functionality of apps in online and offline versions is tested explicitly in mobile app testing approaches. However, testers often ignore the evaluation of an app’s performance and usability in different bandwidths that can have profound impact on user experience.


Finally, it can be concluded that performance, compatibility, security, and functionality in a mobile app are profoundly responsible for influencing the number of users directly and thus the sales. However, it is also essential to rectify some mistakes in the mobile app testing stages to obtain the desired number of users to your business’ mobile app! At Seer Technologies, we have great expertise for mobile app testing, contact today to get a budgeted solution for your business needs.


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