Acceptance Testing

It is a phase where testing is performed to validate that the developed software product is in compliance with the business requirements. It takes place in the last phase of the testing process and just before shipping the product to the market or the client. The aim is not to find defects or bugs rather finding incompliance with the business requirements.

The success of a product doesn’t merely depend upon the fact that it is bug-free but also it should match the user’s expectations.

If we talk about the place of Acceptance testing in the SDLC, it goes with the Requirement Analysis. The smooth running of a business depends upon the successful pass of Acceptance testing phase.

Beta Testing

It is a phase when the end-user (real user) validates and approves the under-testing product for functionality, usability, reliability and compatibility. It is considered as a subset of the Acceptance testing and takes place just before the release of the product.

The main difference between the other types of testing and Beta testing is it takes place at the user’s site only. Sometimes, it is confused with the Alpha testing but the only difference between the two is, Alpha testing is done by the “real” users at the product’s development premises only.

Beta testing holds a great value as it lets the “real” users give their inputs on the usability and functionality of the product which could be a big factor in the success of the product.

At SeerTechnologies, we strive for the quality of the product and a successful release of the product. The sole aim is to satisfy the end-user with great functionality and usability of the product. With a great team of the testers and expertise, we try to achieve our aim in this phase as well.

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