End to End Testing

End-to-end testing is a software Testing technique used to test whether the flow of an application or a system right from start to end is behaving as expected by the end user.

While performing this task, the aim is to identify any kind of issues and ensure that the data integrity is maintained among all system components.

How we perform it at SeerTechnologies

We have a team of experts with extensive years of experience to perform this technique. They develop a strategy right from the beginning of the project so that all the processes would be streamlined and execute smoothly. While performing this, we want to determine the various dependencies of an application and how it communicates with the hardware, network, database and other applications (if there are any).

Testing Methods

Horizontal End to End Testing

This method is commonly used for single ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) applications. It addresses all the components horizontally.

Vertical End to End Testing

In this method, each component is tested layer by layer from top to bottom. Usually, it involves testing of more complex applications.

End-to-End Testing is important to measure that the whole system is working as it is required. Our team loves to write the test cases for this technique as they should be from a user’s prospective plus they should be like real-world scenario.

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