What is Functional Testing

If we understand it by its definition, then

“Functional testing is a type of testing where we try to make sure that every individual function of the application (under test) work as they should in the real world and meet all the business/user requirements.”

Why is it Important

Functional Testing is important because it’s aim is to validate the readiness of your system to release for the customers. During its process, the team is responsible to validate that all specified requirements of the client whatever have been mentioned in FSD (Functional Specification Document) or BRS (Business Requirement Specifications) has been incorporated or not. The whole objective of Functional testing is to fulfil customers’ business requirements and gain the confidence. For that matter, we need to release a system which is defect-free and as per the requirements. The approach could be purely Manual or in the combination with Automation Testing.

How we do it at Seer Technologies

Whether you are a startup or a large established enterprise, every software needs a quality check to gain user’s confidence. Irrespective of your business type, B2B or B2C, you want to gain your customers’ confidence. A buggy software won’t win the trust but a well-maintained and quality-focused would do. We are passionate about Quality and out team of experts are here to assist you.

We use one of the following two approaches to achieve the end result:

Requirement-Focused testing

It prioritizes the requirements and then develop the test harness to evaluate the most critical and important features.

Business-process-focused testing

It relies on the knowledge of end-user’s business requirements to evaluate the performance of the application.

The various domain that we have covered

  • Web applications, including enterprise Web
  • Desktop applications
  • Integrated Systems and applications
  • Mobile applications
  • SaaS

We have expertise for all kinds of functional testing

  • Component Testing
  • Smoke testing
  • Usability testing
  • System testing
  • Integration testing
  • System Integration testing

The various techniques that we use to make it systematic

  • End-User Based/System Tests
  • Equivalence Test
  • Boundary Value Tests
  • Decision-Based Tests
  • Alternate Flow Tests


At Seer Technologies, we also love to do Exploratory and Risk-based testing. These two testings come under the same umbrella but crucial for the quality of the system.

For any requirement-based query, contact us. We would like to assist you in your journey.


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