Localization Testing

Localization testing where the product is checked to assure that it’s behavior is compliant with the local culture and settings. One could say it is a testing for the localized version of the product. The important aspects are UI and content. The process of adapting a product to a different region and local preferences is also called localization of the product.

Often, while developing a web app or mobile app, companies overlook significance of Localization testing. If we consider the success of an idea, one cannot overlook the importance of local clients and the business they provide. This holds very true in case of an entrepreneur or a startup.

Benefits of Localization testing

  • Pushing a product to the market with the best User experience
  • Detecting defects early in the stages
  • Maintaining user specific time, date and other local parameters.
  • Providing local linguistics
  • Getting successful locally and gaining popularity as a global brand


Few Key factors to keep in mind while doing localization testing:

  • Local money or Currency
  • Cultural Symbols and any cultural beliefs
  • Anything which is considered sensitive in the culture
  • Translation
  • Navigation and keyboard usage
  • Local places or maps
  • User Interface
  • Linguistics
  • Legal requirements


It is recommended to employ local QA testers for the best result of localization testing. They are well aware of the culture, language and other local preferences. Many organizations prefer to start it towards the end of the development process or just before the launch, which is huge mistake. It should be a part of the testing process since the beginning to get the maximum benfits and high quality product.

At SeerTechnologies, our team of experts write specific testcases for the localization testing. Contact us to know more about it.

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