Mobile Application Testing

As we are moving towards the future, we are shifting to smart devices like mobiles and tabs. For every software on the desktop, you would find an extension on the mobile/tab. Today, no matter small or large enterprises, they want to launch their mobile apps because of the convenience to the user/client.


Mobile application testing is a process by which application software developed for handheld mobile devices is tested for its functionality, usability and consistency. (Wikipedia)


We already understood how vast is its presence. Definitely, we have to keep time and budget aside while planning the project for the proper mobile app testing.


The purpose of a testing is not just to find the defects but we also want to make sure that it works as per the requirements and the user is satisfied. In the case of mobile app testing, performance testing (behaviour and performance under certain conditions; bad connections or low battery), security and compliance testing are also very important.

How we approach it at Seertechnologies.

The testing approach for a mobile app won’t be much different than web app. But, we need to keep few extra things in the planning. Globally the most used mobiles platforms are iOS, Android and windows.


  • First, we need to be sure about our requirements in depth and rectify the requirement issues/defects at the right time. Even if a client does not have proper FSD/BRD(Functional specification Requirement), no worries, talk to the client and ask various questions to gather the requirements. Moreover, we also help in writing the FSD so that in the future you would have right documents in place to refer.


Make sure to analyse the requirements considering that it is for a mobile app.

  • What kinds of media files are going to be supported?
  • If download is going to be on SD Card or internal memory.
  • What if SD card won’t be available?
  • What if user changes the SD Card?


Performance TestingTo take care of the Performance testing, these are the following parameters:

  • Data consumption
  • Battery duration
  • Space consumption
  • Navigation
  • Network coverage etc.


Load Testing

In the phase of Load testing, our aim is to check that an application can hold to make sure that the application loading will not be exhausted in an expected number of user logins. For this purpose, we make use of the Emulator.


Device testing and OS version

iOS and Android platforms are globally popular and used. There are over 24,000 models that exist in Android itself. Deciding which screen size application is optimized is more important here.


Security Testing

Whatever software code we write and ask the user to provide data, it is our duty to secure their data. Whatever data user provides should be encrypted and should never reach in bad hands. No matter how sophisticated code you are writing or complex software you are developing, it is important to secure the user data.


To keep it going smoothly, a proper mobile testing is required. Consider a robust team who can help you to launch your mobile app successfully.


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